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Concrete Creative, Inc. incorporated back in 1994 when we took our meager savings and bought as much RAM as we possibly could to fuel our workstations and our dreams. Back then it was a whopping 256MB which maxed out our first workstation. It was a tough move considering the multimedia boom was in full swing and many of our competitors were spending their venture capital on office chairs and ping pong tables.

Since those early days we have resisted the urge to put cappuccino machines at every desk and are still putting our capital in RAM, software and keeping up with the latest technologies. Most of our competitors are long gone but we keep working away at blending design and technology into print, web and interactive media.

The lasting, persistent nature of print makes it a must for any successful marketing endeavor. Nothing has the staying power or the impact of a well printed piece...especially if it is executed so well that the recipient just can’t throw it away.

If it is done poorly you might as well do something cool with the paper like origami.

  • World Wildlife Fund

    Focus Newsletter

    World Wildlife Fund Focus Newsletter

    The National Landscape Conservation System Coalition

    The Antiquities Act

    National Landscape Conservation System Coalition Antiquities Act

    National Automobile Dealers Association

    Annual Convention Campaign

    National Automobile Dealers Association

    William F. Bolger Center

    Sales & Marketing Material

    William F. Bolger Center

    There was a time when desktops and handheld devices were viewed as separate categories. As desktops rapidly lose marketshare to smartphones and tablets we are designing for more of a continuum of sizes with no clear breakpoints. Responsive design is the technical duct tape to make this work smoothly.

    We can design code and create user interfaces that adapt to nearly any web browsing device.


    Pope John Paul the Great High School

    Branding & Website

    John Paul The Great Website

    Hook & Hackle

    E-commerce Website

    The H. John Heinz Center

    Special Event E-Blast

    John Paul The Great Website

    The Mason Inn

    Sales E-Blast & Branding

    The Mason Inn EBlast


    Sales E-Mail

    PRG Eblast

    In 2010 Mr. Jobs posted his now famous (or infamous if you were are a Flash developer) letter. We could have joined in with the crowd and picked apart his arguments to justify our investment in Flash development. Instead we put on another pot of coffee, rolled up our sleeves and said 'Here we go again.'

    In 2017 we are sitting on a treasure trove of code that replicates what we once thought was only possible in Flash. Along with that came the capabilities of publishing apps and websites that are compatible with anything you can throw at us.

    Interactive Media = Change


    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

    Deep Sea Duel App


    Success For All Foundation

    HTML5 Interactive Toolset

    SFA Toolset

    National Council for Teachers of Mathematics

    Splitting 3D Shapes

    NCTM Splitting 3D shapes

    The Wilderness Society

    Bureau of Land Management Resources

    TWS Bureau of Land Management

    In addition to our design, programming and production chops, we also have put in our 10,000 hours of teaching. This allows us to offer project based training to our customers.

    Project based training allows your staff to get trained in these cutting edge technologies while working on live work. This eliminates expensive downtime while your employees get up to speed on the latest advancements. Since the topics revolve around your live work, students leave class ahead of the curve rather than scrambling to make up lost time.

    Training can be in our classrooms throughout the Mid-Atlantic, at your facility, or delivered as online offerings via internet video conferencing.

    Adobe Certfied Expert Adobe Certfied Instructor Certified Technical Trainer

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